Business Follow Up Service for Healthcare Practioners

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Activate the INACTIVE Members in existing database.


Human Interaction with Past and Existing Members


Educate Members on other services such as Breast Thermography, et al

Our Company


Increase your profitability through continuous care for your patients’ health and well-being.

We work with licensed practitioners of ‘complementary and alternative health care’: chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, homeopaths, osteopaths, and related medical specialists.

As a patient follow-up service, Momentum assesses the objectives of your health care practice, analyzes the monetary value of your patient database, and studies the effectiveness of your current business practices. We then recommend and/or implement the best ways to enhance your business revenue and ensure a higher quality of ongoing patient care.

FACT: Patient experiences and perceptions of your services affect the public image and profitability of your business. Poor patient relationship management leads to lost confidence, lost referrals, and ultimately lost revenue.

SOLUTION: Momentum Follow-Up assesses and analyzes your patients’ experiences and your business practices to recommend effective ways to grow your practice. Wouldn’t you like to retain or reconnect with inactive patients? Generate positive reviews and referrals? Improve relationships with your patients? Improve your ongoing patient care? We can help you do that.

Momentum Follow-Up’s clients receive:

  • Tangible benefits of increased patient retention and more efficient workflow

  • Intangible benefits of improved focus on patient care

  • Peripheral benefits of easily attracting more patients with improved public perception

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